Monday, February 7, 2011

Koxx sponsorship!

          I recently started a collaboration with Koxx (one of the biggest bike-trial brand in the world) and I just received my new bike from them, a couple of days ago. The bike is the new 2011 Koxx Sky 2 which is simply amaizing! is so comfortable, very stiff, feels like one piece, the geometry and the weight makes it so perfect that it almost flies on it's own. To be honest, before I got the bike I was worried about that +70 bb height, but now I'm in love with it! Actually this is my training bike, I will get a racing bike too, soon as possible.
          I want to say special thanks to Red Bull, Koxx,, and last but not least, to all who belive in me and support me in any possible way!
          I will make some action photos soon, just want to get a bit used with the bike :D

Photos by Kiss Rolland:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My new stuff from Trial-Inside!

          Today arrived my new T-shirt and the magazines from Trial-Inside what Franky promised me. He also sent me some stikers and two postcards with the Coustellier brothers which was a very big surprise for me. The magazines are very cool and the posters too, congratulations Franky!
Thank you very much!!!
Video coming soon :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Bull Video Shooting Nov.12.2010

          The whole thing came very spontaneously, one morning at 11 o’clock my manager Alex Ilie called and asked me if I want to come to Bucharest to make a video shooting. I had taught a bit and I said “ok, why not?” . Then I took the train and on November 11 I arrived in the capital. To be honest, I didn't taught that, I will go back there this year. It was a cool day, I went to the hotel and immediately after I checked in, we went to search for riding places in the city. We tried to focus on the theme “Construction Yard”, I think we managed well.
          The next day I woke up with little emotions, I started to feel the adrenaline just thinking about the spots and imagining the jumps that I could make there, I was like “let’s rock!”. At 9am we reached the first spot and at 10 we started the shooting, I worked together with three cameramen, one of them Gabi Petrescu (who made the edit), the team proved to be very pro and our collaboration was also excellent. The guys were very cool, I had fun and laughed a lot with them, (from the uncut footage I could easily make a short comedy xD). The shooting kept until It was nearly dark outside. In the end of the day I was increasingly pumped, even though I was very tired after 5 hours of hard training, I even managed to overcome some of my records, Red Bull gave me wiiings!

I hope you like it:

Some record heights:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interview for by Frank Chastel

          Recently I met Frank Chastel on facebook, who liked my photos from my last photoshooting with Red Bull and he came up with the idea to make an interview about that, for and post it, in the news area. I was very excited when I heard that and I accepted immediately :D. 
          To be honest, I don't know him too good but from what we talked, he knows all the history of biketrial and he did a lot for this sport. It's an awesome guy and I respect him a lot! Special thanks to you Franky and to Trial-Inside for promoting me! 

Here is the post on Trial Inside

And also the interview:

  • Trial Inside: Could you present yourself for Trial Inside?
Robert Kovacs: My name is Robert Kovacs, I'm 19 years old, born on October 25th 1990 in Oradea, Romania.

  • TI: Could you speak about your bike? What parts are you using?
Robert Kovacs: My current bike, I think it's the best of all I ever had so far, it's so rigid, perfect geometry, pretty good weight (only 9,3 kg), but I'm still working on it to make it lighter. My bikes' configuration is: Yaabaa Stinger frame with Try-all fork, Trialtech handlebar, Reset titanium bb, Try-all CNC cranks, Wellgopedals, TMS rear and Trialtech front rim, Try-all Shift and Sticky Light tires, Hope and Magura HS 33 brakes...

  • TI: Where did you make your last photo session?
Robert Kovacs: My last photo session took place in Bucharest, on the top of two buildings at Minerva and Metropolis Center, with Mihai Stetcu, Red Bull Photofiles photographer.

  • TI: Are you sponsored by Red Bull? What are they using those photos for?
Robert Kovacs: Yes, I started the collaboration with Red Bull 1 year ago and this summer I became a Red Bull athlete. Well, they use these photos for media and stuff like that. All the pictures with the Red Bull athletes are available on a photo database names Red Bull Photofiles.

  • TI: You competed at BiciCooltura where you got second place, that means you had a good day.
Robert Kovacs: Yes, I had a really good day, I won second place in elite class there, even if the weather wasn't the best, it was raining and the tracks were all slippery, but I enjoyed the contest and the racing. I think I did it well.

  • TI: Do you think it's possible for you to race next year in the world cups?
Robert Kovacs: Hmm, as a first step I will race in the European cups... I don't know, we'll see my evolution and the results there. I think everything is possible, especially with Red Bull that gives me wiiings xD.

  • TI: Are there any other trial riders in your town?
Robert Kovacs: Of course, there are like... approximately 10 riders.

  • TI: Who is your favorite rider?
Robert Kovacs: Well, I like a lot the Coustellier brothers, my favorite is still and it will be Giacomo.

I hope you like It!